I've worked with the RNLI on some small aspects of their new generation of "fast" boats (the Tamar class IIRC).

Not many people realise but all the RNLI offshore boats are custom designed "one offs".

They are the absolute cutting edge of lifeboat design. They're so good when the RNLI replace them they're sold to other countries as their "front line" boats.

The organisation that goes into running a voulenteer service that provides the best lifeboat service in the world is immense.

It doesn't surprise me the CEO is well paid.

Turning to the foreign donations my understanding is the bulk of the cash came from a donation specific to this cause. In other words somebody came to the RNLI and gave them a boatload (sorry) of money specifically tondo this work. Should they have said no?

If you think that the 2p in the £ spent abroad is leaving the UK underfunded, there is a very simple answer.

Increase your donation by 2%, that way UK finding will be the same as if there was no foreign spending *and* several hundred kids a year are saved.