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Thread: Twenty thousand protested at Stormont

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    This shows the hypocrisy of the DUP. On the one hand they're insisting that Northern Ireland is treated the same as the rest of the UK over Brexit, yet they insist on having different laws when it suits them. Surely any laws that affect basic human rights should be the same throughout the UK.

    We mustn't forget that most people in Northern Ireland will be able to keep their EU citizenship if they wish, since anyone born on anywhere on the island of Ireland is eligible for citizenship of the Republic of Ireland, and thereby the EU.
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    It's not about Brexit, HQQ, although these changes are partly due to Westminster rule, which is now collapsing, thanks to the Parliamentary coup.
    I didn't think there were a majority of politicians in Northern Ireland who are for changing the current law.
    The law is being changed from Westminster and is a result of the Stormont assembly having been suspended for years, while the politicians still draw pay for doing nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    It's more than 1% of the Northern Ireland population (1.8 million). Very good turnout.
    Well that is what they will be thinking as well. The trouble with this line of thinking is they will find it will not make an iota of difference. I'm not just saying this as some sort of fool, because I have years of experience in taking on the government over ID cards. Itwas the same kind of mountain to shift. All the press supported the government, all the parties were in agreement, as ID cards were the wonder way for the ruling class to grab more power. Except that I turned up and gave them a little help. My line was to not copy normal procedure. All the usual textbook ways of protesting, like one was to take your clothes off and be photographed as an expression of nakedness and exposure, and so on, but I smelt the rat, and said plan B should be used. I spent a lot of time trying to convince the main people who were running the campaign that we should kind of bifurcate, and we should all think up original actions, i.e. things that have not been tried before and things they had not worked out a plan to deal with. This is why you don't have one in your pocket now. It worked!
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