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Thread: YouGov: 13 Tory Seats To Go To The SNP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borchester View Post
    Of the 13 Tory seats in Scotland, at least five and a half are remainers. It is hard to tell with Kirstene Hair but she will probably vote for the EU or at least abstain. Douglas Ross voted remain and then managed to upset the Lib Dems by slagging off the Pikkies
    Douglas Ross may have voted Remain but, since the Referendum, has been an avid leave supporter,. He has voted 9 times against UK membership plus 2 absences (probably away refereeing, or running the line, at some fitba match or other). He has also voted against EU citizens having the right to stay in UK. Moray voted Remain (albeit by the slimmest of margins) and 62% of Scots voted Remain. He is disrespecting the majority of his constituents, and the vast majority of Scots, in following the path he has done.
    Ross pissed off members of SNP, Greens, and the general public, who slagged him for the remarks he made relating to the gypsy & traveller community.
    All 13 Tories voted with Boris!. Even Kirstene Hair, who famously didn't vote in 2016 because it was a difficult drcision to make. managed to make her mind up and voted against the wishes of her constituents

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas View Post
    No what your post was attempting to do was rehash old 2014 myths and arguments and either

    1. completely ignore the brexit angle

    2. twist it so scotland is in englands current position.

    We are the ones who want to remain in the eu , and england are the ones who want to leave.

    Trying to argue from the angle the uk is going to stay in the eu while scotland gets chucked is just downright bizarre and complete reality denial.

    The fact of the matter is the status quo as it stands is what is most under threat , and to me the likeliest outcome is either the whole uk leaving the eu , or england and wales leaving.
    Calm down dear!

    You're the one telling me what I'm thinking.

    The only point that was being made was that their stance didn't make sense if they get what they say they want. If they are lying then the point is moot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P. de Bierkabouter View Post
    The 'N' in Nazi stood for 'national', not 'nationalist'. ...
    Oh God! What if there's someone even more pedantic than me on the forum?! Unlikely, I realise, but even so, what if?!?

    Nazi is a truncation, not an acronym. The whole thing stands for 'national', not just the 'N'. [Insert emoticon for embarrassment here]


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    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    Calm down dear!

    Nae bother hen. Im perfectly calm. It will take more than your puerile and ridiculous post to get me excitable. A high school wean in their first year of modern studies could have picked that apart.

    You're the one telling me what I'm thinking.
    am telling you that you are talking shite.

    The only point that was being made was that their stance didn't make sense if they get what they say they want. If they are lying then the point is moot.
    Their stance makes perfect sense if you think about it rationally and more to the point politically.

    Of course the fact you cant pick up on that speaks volumes , but there ye go.
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