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Thread: British election results

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    British election results

    Quote Originally Posted by enclosur View Post
    The link is already dead - oes to a Not Found page
    I do think there is a case for a sticky page.

    years ago, Keele Universty kept decent records of UK elections but these days there's wikipedia !

    That is the top of the pyramid, dig deeper for specific date ranges and analysis.

    And to cut the wiki haters in their prime, much of what it has was what Keele used to make available ...
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    From your reference to Keele, I did a bit of googling and came across this website. It is full of useful & interesting info. The electoral statistics from 1917 is missing though. There is so much more details which makes it a very useful source.
    Election details from 1917 can be found on this site https://researchbriefings.parliament...529#fullreport

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    As the other sticky thread has a now defunct link thanks to JohnofGwent and morayloon for their links,this now a sticky.
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