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That's actually my view as well. I've seen it in action with an audience of them. They heard debates on for and against sanctions against China and the fors won by a clear majority. The arguments for were mostly scare stuff, not logical and rational. Americans get scared easily by smooth-talking CIA man and the Chinese are used to trouble so they take it all in their stride. Cowards vs the brave eh?
This is why authoritarian systems channel and reward the behavior of "believing" versus/over thinking. American society is based upon Pavlovianly indoctrinated fear, entitlement (american exceptionalism) and violence. That's what stand your ground laws are all about, if I fear you, I get to kill you. If you scare one of our policemen, they get to kill you. If we fear your nation or want to choose your govt, or "manage" your resources, well that's why we have a military and spend more than all others. We actually ran out of bombs to drop on Syria at one juncture.