I dont need to pretend trump hasnt done a good job. He has. And its a complete dixiecrat scam he hasnt. We know trump isnt the racist they try to paint him as. Plainly its a throng of catholic opportunists, other kinds of homosexuals, dixiecrat racists and their slaves (serving a british media) taking the country apart. Replutocans can't face facts so theres really no hope for them in 2020.

The invasion at the border is a catholic 200 year plan to overpopulate south america till it has to move to north america. Its proven and indisputable, yet repluticans refuse to call it what it is. After that catholics plan to bring america down with a swarm of leaches and criminals. Only racism is keeping america from total annihilation. Racism isnt a sustainable policy as time has shown. When racism is the only medicine keeping you alive.... doom.

Replutocans are addicted to the catholics that seek to destroy them due to their shared sanctimonious position on abortion. Rather than spend the time to craft legistlation to inhibit abusive use of abortion they center all their efforts on abolishing it completely. This has eliminated everything but fully-theist female support.

They're damn fools enough to think the thin vernier of pretense the catholics present them is even the least supportive of their policies. In the end, their only real support comes from israel who destabilizes america most. They drag america into a meaningless and endless conflict with the middle east whenever america gets its balance back. israel can exacerbate it at any time to better own the republicans.

Republicans promise us protections from prison culture drug trafficking but then fully support pederastic social norms, complete with compulsive emasculation.

Their afghan alies, a pederast heroin cartel, of which, they curb in no meaningful way. The protected afghans poison the rest of the world; furthering the erosion of america's foreign policy. What a great time to fk with china?

It's a suicide.

On top of that, they never considered wmd's that would ever change the balance of nuclear super powers. At the moment, global wmd's are under development that threaten to wipe out all life on earth, and it's cheap as dirt to develop.

Theists really need to learn not to piss off people with real power. Arrogance of theism knows no caporial limits.

Junkies with only one true goal, junk.

Invest elsewhere, american markets are an investment in your own doom.