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Thread: Marco Rubio lets American Latinos down

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    Marco Rubio lets American Latinos down

    1. Latino Republican senator Marco Rubio tweeted on 23 July 2019:

    "Communist Party of #China used organized crime groups to attack protestors in #HongKong. Shows you who we are dealing with

    And fact they are violating everything they agreed to in Hong Kong handover tells you how much we can rely on them to adhere to any deals they make now."

    2. Marco Rubio, the Latino Republican senator, has made himself a big laughing stock by making such an allegation against China without providing any proof. No wonder he is fiercely criticized by Chinese netizens as "despicable".

    For a long time, I did not believe in Donald Trump's allegation that Latinos (Don't forget Marco Rubio is of Cuban Latino origin) are mostly criminals and rapists. After reading all the anti-China nonsense of Marco Rubio, I am beginning to believe that Donald Trump's allegation about Latinos (including Marco Rubio himself) is absolutely true.

    As a Republican Senator, he is the best person to debunk all the humiliations and insults hurled at his people by Donald Trump. Instead of fighting hard to defend the dignity and respect of his people, the Latinos, he ends up as a big disappointment and laughing stock in their eyes.

    Mr Marco Rubio, when can you stop stooping but stand up as a man to fight for yourself and all Latinos against Trump's insults and humiliations?

    “Don't you dare malign my people. If the Latinos and I are criminals and rapists, you are worse than us!” This is what your people, the Latinos, have been longing to hear from you in debunking Trump's allegation.

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    It's a Hollywood production. Amercans are so used to watching Hollywood, that the news and foreign affairs programmes on their TV have tried to up their ratings, and hence realised they should follow Hollywood's lead. So what you get is actors saying the kind of stuff you used to get in Western films with tough guy cowboy looking for a fight. The audience then enjoy it more. So the line between fiction and real life is so blurred they see it as one of the same. The Americans never switch off from it. They are being brought down by their own corrupt government and this entertainment is keeping the eye off the ball of what is really going on. I don't suppose the administration has a clue what to do about China. By the time they do it will be too late.
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