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Thread: UHAI EASHRI funding LGBT prossies in Kenya

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    UHAI EASHRI funding LGBT prossies in Kenya

    We are UHAI EASHRI—the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, or simply UHAI. We believe in African activist voice in resourcing the struggle for equality, justice and dignity for Africa’s sex workers and sexual and gender minorities. We are a game-changer: we are changing the narrative of how Eastern African movements are resourced, to one of ownership and self-determination by the very activists who live that struggle. Established in 2009, UHAI is Africa’s first indigenous activist fund for sex workers and sexual and gender minorities. We support civil society organising for and by sex workers and sexual and gender minorities with: flexible and accessible grants; capacity support; support for Pan-African organising and advocacy, including support for activist-determined convening; and knowledge building and documentation. UHAI is the largest funder of Eastern Africa’s civil society organising for sex workers and sexual and gender minorities. UHAI is the first funder of a majority of activist organising in Eastern Africa. We are committed to identifying and supporting young, nascent ideas, sustaining funding, and accompanying that funding with capacity support in order to grow activist organisations to the kind of structural integrity that attracts further funding. Since our founding, UHAI has supported organising in the five East African countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Following movement requests and research in the previous strategic period, in 2016 UHAI will introduce support to Ethiopia, and we are undertaking a landscape analysis of organising in the Democratic Republic of Congo towards considering introducing support there too. We also recognize that in order to make significant progress in attaining equality, justice and dignity, it is imperative that our work contributes to and is linked to wider global and Pan African struggles. We therefore collaborate and engage with other civil society institutions and networks at continental and international levels.

    which is connected to the Global Philanthropy Project

    and is holding a conference in Nairobi in Kenya on LGBT

    Global Philanthopy Project and UHAI EASHRI invite grantmakers invested in Africa’s LGBTI and sex worker human rights movements to register for an Africa Donors Meeting, June 17-18, 2019, as a Pre-Conference to the 7th Changing Faces, Changing Spaces Conference (CFCS VII), June 19-21, 2019.

    Please note: Early Bird Registration ends April 30, 2019.
    Final Registration Deadline is May 31, 2019.

    The CFCS VI Africa Donors Meeting in 2017 brought together 75 grantmakers from 35 organizations, representing a diversity of public and private foundations, individual and corporate funders, and government agencies, embassies, bilateral and multilateral agencies.

    Changing Faces, Changing Spaces Conference (CFCS VII) is Africa’s largest convening of the continent’s LGBTI and sex worker movements and donors. CFCS provides for direct and active interaction among activists and funders allowing for mutual learning as part of wider advocacy to narrow the knowledge gap between those that resource African movements and those that do the work. More than 200 activists from across 30 African countries, and 75 donor representatives attended each of the last 2 editions. The 7th CFCS, which is planned for and conceptualised by an activist task force representative of the LGBTIQ and sex worker organising on the continent, is themed Visibility, Voice...Freedom!

    US$440 – US$2,500


    Can I share this meeting via social networks?

    No! Please note that this is a non-public meeting, intended to be shared only with those who are participating in person. We request that participants respect this guidance by refraining from sharing photos, location check-ins, or other updates on social media.

    Bear in mind Kenya is a very conservative country which hands out prison sentences for sodomy.

    By the way, have you come across the firm called Tetra Pak? It invented the paper carton milk packet and now has a revenue of about 11 bn euros a year. Part of that inheritance is paying for these "sex workers". The Baring Foundation ( ) has also chipped in £760 000.

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    Well those are the facts for you.

    Imagine if it were the other way around, and as a young chap you didn't quite have the ladies falling all over you and felt left out. You want to score a bit of tottie, but they have all become raging feminists and you think, help, what can I do.

    Then one day you find out a local charity in Kenya had raised millions of pounds and provides a free escort service with the the opportunity for a free bit of sex. Your government has made it illegal, but they operate illegally, and you have to keep it hush-hush.

    Strange one that eh?

    Who do you think actually ultimately pays for it, given the money is charity money? What does the donor think he is paying for? (good causes?)

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