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Thread: Pathetic Conservative Members of Parliament

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    Pathetic Conservative Members of Parliament

    May has been and is a disaster. Who was it who originally agreed to the Backstop? Who is it who kept on asking the same parliamentary vote and expecting a different response. We all know what Einstein's thoughts about that was.

    Now the Conservative Members are pussy footing about getting rid of her. What a bunch of gormless castrated lot. Only a few are willing to force her out immediately.

    And the Conservatives Members have now accepted May's promise which does not even give a specific date. How pathetic.

    It seems that Farage is the only one who is prepared to stand up to the EU. Got rid of their Backstop or we leave with No Deal.


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    Hi leon welcome to the forum, the mod team are Bright Young Thing,Cromwell and DeppityDawg.Your first few posts may need approving,have a look around at all the sections and a squint at the rules is helpful. Feel free to join in, the introduce yourself thread can break the ice. Most importantly enjoy the debate!

    If you need any help please PM one of us
    The new parliamentary democracy,it's not the will of the people that counts but the will of 650......will come back to haunt them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leon View Post
    Who was it who originally agreed to the Backstop?

    An EU loving, LibDem supporting Civil Servant..

    You may ask yourself why such a person was charged with negotiating Brexit...

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