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Thread: Why do you believe that fascism is a "right-wing" ideology?

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    The fascism Hitler proposed in his 25 points and the fascism that was actually enacted through the NSDAP are two totally different systems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foghorn View Post
    We've been told for more than a half-century that fascism is "far-right". I don't know about England, but in the U.S., the American right supports limited government, limited taxation, limited government regulations, limited government power, the right for citizens to own guns and, most importantly, support a FREE-MARKET, CAPITALIST ECONOMY.

    Conversely, in the U.S., the left supports MORE government, MORE taxation, MORE government regulations, MORE government power, oppose citizens owning guns and, most importantly, despise free-market capitalism.

    Do you know whose ideology aligned with that of the modern left? That's correct, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

    With all that said, Hitler and Mussolini differed in their ideology. Most notably, Hitler was a white supremacist and HATED the Jews. As far as I can tell, Mussolini didn't share such convictions. Furthermore, it's my understanding that Mussolini declined to hand over Italy's Jews to the Nazis.

    Some claim that nationalism is a tenet of fascism. Well, if that were true, then we'd have to label Mahatma Gandhi as a fascist along with Abraham Lincoln and a host of other great, historical leaders. On another note, if you want to see fervent nationalism, just tune into the World Cup. Are they all "fascists" too?

    The claim that fascism is a "far-right" ideology is a LIE. Fascism is an ideology of the left.
    Absolutely, and what you had back in the 1930s was a case of one strand of socialism at war with another strand. Germany adopted the nationalist strand and Russia the international version, which was more in-keeping with Marx, because Marx talked about workers of the world uniting, not just those in Manchester.

    The term left and right though comes from the French parliament, where the revolutionaries sat on the left side and the establishment on the right, so taking that meaning we have the left as agents of change and revolution vs the established land-owning elite, whose fortunes go back hundreds of years. They would be similar to our "conservatives" in that they wish to conserve their hereditary advantages.

    What you refer to though is something which has its origins in Scotland. This is neither Marxism nor feudalism, but free market economics, and the man behind it, who started the ball rolling, was Adam Smith. Later on it was taken up and extended by Hayek and Mises. America went with this and it was said to be "liberal". It was primarily practised in the second half of the 19th century in Britain, except it was not the only thing practised because we also practised state protectionism due to our commonwealth powers of leverage.
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    Thanks Baron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Sinic View Post
    I am not arguing for or against a circle of straight line graphic to illustrate the political spectrum. However the straight line one illustrated is entirely 'UScentric' and of little relevence or value to the rest of the world.
    True. The further left you go the fewer the laughs, with the possible exception of the anarchists who are tickled pink when told that in the US they are regarded as being on the extreme right.

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