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It is true that much of the election material contains irrelevant policies which are outside the remit of MEPs, so I am sure you will agree with me that the most fatuous claim of all is the Brexit Party's position that by electing them they will take the UK out of the EU, which of course is a matter for the UK Government.

There is no problem with my elected representative 'voting for things I agree with'. I never claimed that I needed to know, in advance, their position on every single aspect of policy, whether through a manifesto or otherwise. It's just that with the established parties, I have a fair idea of what they stand for, on matters other than Brexit. With the Brexit Party I don't. But then perhaps it's not really a political party, as it has no members, no democratic structure, and only one discernible policy. So maybe it's actually a pressure group, or just the Nigel Farage fan club.
Well, as I pointed out years ago, it is not necessary for a party to get elected to have its policies enacted, all that needs happen is the parties in power realise, or fear, they will be out, and those they fear get in, if they do not address the issues.

Perhaps the most obvious was Phil Woolas, the Labour immigration minister (who was declared ineligible to.stand after becoming embroiled in electoral offences) who in the wake of Nick Griffins election reversed the party stance on asylum seekers needing to claim in the first safe country ... sadly that reversal went out when he left the scene...