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Thread: Defining religious hatred

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawfully View Post
    A smart government would know where to draw the line based on the simple maths of numbers . Once you own nationality or religion becomes a minority in your own country , you've affectively give your country away . A smart government would make sure there was at least a 20-1 ratio of nationals , maybe even higher than that as a matter of national security .

    I have no objections to Muslims whatsoever but I object to the Sharia law or similar which is primitive , outdated and rather barbaric considering children observe this etc . As adults by now you'd think they'd stop this sort of thing as most of the world as stopped being barbaric like the Quran mentions . The Christians don't eat their children anymore or do all the other abuse things mentioned .
    We became the more civilised and to continue the Sharia law does shame to the religion in my opinion , when the religion was the original religion of peace .
    Well, I also do NOT have a problem with Muslims. However, I OPPOSE permitting large numbers of Muslims to migrate to the U.S. due to the fact that many of them follow an ideology that is contrary to our nation's principles. Not to mention, an inordinate number of Muslim migrants and/or their offspring engage in terrorist activities. Of course, the American left is thrilled to let ANYONE into the country no matter what they believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foghorn View Post
    I too am guilty of hijacking the thread. My apologies.
    Sorry, for clarification, I meant threads getting favourite hobby horse agendas inserted into them, no matter what they are about. Here are just a few examples that are among the favourites of some posters on here

    *Israel caused all the problems in the middle east*
    *Muslims cause all modern terrorism*
    *White/European colonisation ruined the world (and many people in the UK still think they have an Empire)*
    *The Tories attack the poor*

    These are generally good guys/bad guys narratives, and not balanced arguments.

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