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Thread: Corbyn to scrap SATS tests at Primary Schools if elected

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    Quote Originally Posted by T00ts View Post
    Isn't that just typical?
    I was once debating on a football forum with someone spouting off about Tory toffs all coming from private education and it's not fair that kids are privately educated. Later in the thread I pointed out that Diane Abbot sent her child to a private school. Well, what's wrong with wanting the best for your child, he posted. I just gave up!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borchester View Post
    Good. I cram kids for the GCSE in maths and the less pressure on the kids the worse the teaching and the more business that comes my way. And I need the money because my nice, nutty socialist daughter isn't that nice, nutty or much of a socialist when it comes to education and is having the grandchildren privately educated. Which means that three times a year she puts the arm on me for a contribution to the school fees.
    She sounds like a nice lass.
    All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self-evident

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rei View Post
    She sounds like a nice lass.
    She is. And like most parents she has a sight better idea of what is and is not important than Corbyn.

    Wurzel's main contributions to education have been (a) to divorce his second wife because he wanted to send his son to the local sin bin and she wanted the lad to learn to read and write (b) to leave the North London Poly without a degree.

    We love our children. God knows why although I suspect it is something the midwives put in the tea, but we do and want them to have the best education available. Not all of us can afford to have them privately educated or prepped for the top grammar schools like Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn and Chuka Umunna, so we are forced to settle for whatever scraps the State system cares to throw our way. And if anyone doesn't think that 3/4 of the UK's pre teen teachers aren't throwing up their hands in delight at the news that their workload has decreased has never been in a Teachers' Common Room anywhere in the country.

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