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Thread: What can we do?

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    What can we do?

    I have just written to my MP to voice my horror at what Westminster has become. I am fortunate that my MP holds the same view as me and has voted accordingly but I realise that with guns held to their heads there is a limit to how much impact they can continue to have.

    We have a Speaker of the House who has facilitated the demise of Brexit means Brexit. We have a House full of individuals determined to overthrow the will of the people in this, but I can't help but feel that we, their paymasters, deserve some say. Are we going to continue to simply sit quietly by while those 'in power' continue on their merry way with their overblown opinions of themselves? Isn't it time to let them know that this simply won't do?

    How can we achieve that? It's no good waiting until they deign to give us a vote by which time the dye will be cast. I have sent my letter but it seems a small act. How can we let them get away with this? What can we do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by T00ts View Post
    What can we do?
    It very much depends on what you are prepared to do/ how far you are willing to go - and your ability to convince others to join you and reach a consensus on a course of action.

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    Stop voting for your own demise.Would be a start.
    17,410,742 people said LEAVE!

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