I honestly believe there is VERY little racism in the UK, and the little there is primarily comes from ethnic minorities. The white indigenous population have been so brainwashed into believing that inclusivity and diversity is a positive aspect, they don't dare of dreaming something different. Having worked with Afro-Caribbean people I can tell you that their racism even shocks me, and I am not easily shocked. My best friend is Anglo Indian, and his hatred of Pakistanis is something to behold. Of course, I don't deny there are still white Brits who don't accept anyone with anything more than a sun tan, but these people are few and far between, and rarely can they influence anything in society. Strangely enough some people may consider individuals such as Tommy Robinson as racist, when in reality it couldn't be further than the truth. For those that may disagree, please supply evidence otherwise. However, the media and it's left wing liberal agenda will always direct people otherwise.

Firstly we need to look at what constitutes racist. The dictionary version says anyone who considers one race better than another is a racist. Well, that's a bit bonkers. So a highly educated race with a low crime rate apparently isn't any better than a race who kill each other for a pencil case and eat monkeys. For arguments sake let's forget that definition, because it is ridiculous. In reality there isn't any race equal to another, because the quality of races vary tremendously throughout the world. People from all over the planet emigrate to countries who offer a better environment from where they come. I don't consider myself racist because I take every person as an individual, and will befriend those I like, and avoid those I don't. On the other hand I am prepared to generalise and say there are people from certain countries and cultures I find it hard to like. To avoid digressing I won't bother to mention these people. My son, an out and out liberal, finds it offensive that I generalise, but I suppose this is a combination of naivety and a university education.

So what businesses have a policy of not employing black people or people from ethnic minorities, what companies won't promote a person because of their colour, and how many indigenous people genuinely won't befriend a person because of their ethnic background ??