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Thread: Will Brexit force the EU back to being a ‘Common Market’?

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    Will Brexit force the EU back to being a ‘Common Market’?

    Sweden is backing out of Schengen ?

    Italy is talking about an after Brexit deal with U.K.?

    Portugal may be looking for a post Brexit Deal with the U.K.?

    French Port authorities are shouting very loudly over potential massive problems and losses with a no deal Brexit?

    German MP’s are complaining of massive losses in the car industry , with 100, 000 potential job losses ?

    Merkels successor is telling Brussels to wake up to the disaster of a no deal Brexit on the EU ?

    Etc etc etc.

    Then we have the ‘three blind mice ‘ - Juncker, Barnier ,Tusk ,

    with their back up team of Verhofstadt , Varadkar and Corbyn

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    Those are your neighbours and with those you have been trading for hundres years, of course there will be another market, not that is forced by the EU or by the UK. It is because who do you want to trade with? However I would not talk about "common market", you have left it too, so there will be another market under different agreements, maybe or probably under the WTO this time.

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