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Thread: What will be the immediate benefits to the ‘common’ people come the end of March?

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    What will be the immediate benefits to the ‘common’ people come the end of March?

    I'm new in this forum and i do not know if there is a topic already, but apparently not.

    It looks like there will be at the end of march a shortage in food, and markets like ***** have already bought stockpiles leaving the small shops into a worse situation. The problem is not that the UK will run out of food, some kind of food will be missing but eventually the shortage should end by June or the end of the year.

    Problems with jobs, apparently companies such Nissan are stopping their investment, leaving those who were meant to get a job now jobless.

    On the health care, the "european health insurance card" might not be valid anymore the very same day.

    Those workers who everyday fly from UK and EU, and EU and UK, might need to a TSA and not anymore the "dedicated line for the EU citizens".

    The same might apply to trucks that transport commercial goods to trade.

    What other immediately impacts in the daily life of a common citizens the brexit might have at the end of march? Thanks.

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    What will be the immediate benefits to the ‘common’ people come the end of March?

    The glass half full thread!

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    Nothing. The "common people" never benefit, yet strangely, are usually more than happy to take what they are given by politicians. It seems to revolve around national governments and how much money they have in their pocket, rather than the EU.

    That is why I find the Brexit debate so strange. Why are people so happy to be ruled by faceless people, whose priority is other countries rather than the UK? Given that voter turnout in EU elections in this country is about 32-35%, all I can conclude is that the majority of people normally really couldn't care less either, save for this post 2016 mad lemming like dash to remain being ruled by said faceless foreigners.
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    Worst case scenario, I suspect there will be civil unrest due to shortages, troops deployed on the streets. (Assuming that Theresa May has not sent them to help with Trumps invasion of Venezuela.)

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    We wont all die,the sky wont fall in,remainers will be desperate and scrabble round to justify their position,varadkar will be furious and forget the backstop and will blame our departure on that bloody bus advert and so will call for a bus stop,tusk will demand the UK change its name to Hades, Macron will blame his fall on brexit and will run off in to his retirement with his gran......sorry wife, and Merkel will convert to islam and bugger off to Syria for six months and come back wearing a burkah and suicide vest to show we were all worrying about nowt on her open door policy oh and nearly forgot global warming will really kick in so all the remainers going skiing in europe will find there's no snow so they wont have to worry about roaming charges and will holiday at home and all buy skateboards.
    To paraphase one of our last great political leaders Winston Spencer Churchill "Never in the field of British politics and Brexit was so much expected by so many of so few......only to be bitterly disappointed"

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    We'll be bombarded by those convinced that we should re-join. It will be promoted that to think otherwise is no longer PC and those mistakenly believing that Labour is somehow pro-EU will have naively voted them into Government and will cheer while they proceed to spend any money we have.
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    Those of us with skills, ideas or indeed anything of value to offer will suddenly find that despite the best efforts of the remain camp to tell us we are outcasts in the stone age l, our inboxes will still fill with offers of jobs, or from customers, worldwide.

    Those here with few skills will suddenly find the 11 eu27 passport holding thickos who previously competed for the burger flipping jobs are no longer tgere
    "The Inland Revenue is not slow, and quite rightly, to take every advantage which is open to it under the Taxing Statutes for the purposes of depleting the taxpayer's pocket. And the taxpayer is in like manner entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Inland Revenue"

    Lord Clyde: "Ayrshire Pullman Motor Services V Inland Revenue, 1929"

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    Come the end of March, some 'common people' will be able identify things they can derive a benefit from. Some of the 'common people' who do will try. Some of the 'common people' who try will gain from trying, some will lose.

    Ultimately things will be no different than today. Some 'common people' will be be identify things they can derive benefit from in the run up to the end of March. Some of the 'common people' who do will try. Some of the 'common people' who try will gain from trying, some will lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BKS View Post
    Come the end of March, some 'common people' will be able identify things they can derive a benefit from.
    I would love to know what possible benefits that could be. The only unknown is how long the chaos will last.

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    There will be some immediate effects but they will probably be short lived, and we will see gloating Brexit supporters telling us that project fear didn't happen, forgetting that most sensible experts have not predicted disastrous starvation - they merely said this might be the worst case scenario if the EU decides to basically cut the UK off as they would be legally entitled to do. In reality, this is very unlikely to happen.

    This article actually describes much better what might well happen with no deal - there would be a slow death of our economy over a decade as the EU used it's market power to crush our industries one by one:

    This article points out the fact that few of those who want to pocket the $39bn payment realise - the EU will simply get the money back another way through tariffs.

    We will also see a big slowdown in factory output over the spring and summer as our industries are currently building up stock levels in case of no deal, whereas there is no underlying increase in demand. This means they will have way too much stock later in the year.

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