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Thread: Donald Tusk today

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    Quote Originally Posted by BfB View Post
    I think you take a strong view of my view point. It was simply to point out that we do not elect our head of state, which no doubt some of these EU fanatics will soon point out. Extending my personal view of the Queen - like I say she seems to keep out of affairs of state and does appear to see herself as 'symbolic'. My fear is that Charles won't. I don't dislike him, but there are just one or two things about him which come out that make me think he is going to meddle more than our current monarch does. This is why I would prefer to select a head of state by vote rather than birth. I also think it is hypocritical that she claims to 'serve her people', yet with all the spare rooms in Buckingham Palace, I would not expect there to be homelessness such a short way from her door. But then, perhaps you don't see those on the nice tourist pictures do you...
    Our Monarch doesn't have a say in the running of the country.

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    The british do have a plan, they just pretend not to have one, or maybe they really have no plan because they were not expecting to win that referendum. In both cases the relations between EU and UK, doesn't matter if they are out or in, wont be so friendly anymore. Not much you, but your sons or the sons of your sons will pay for those votes, when their kids will see EU kids studying anywhere and working anywhere they want, and the british kid cannot eventually they will migrate in EU. Regards.

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    Prepare yourself jinset,there will be some lashing out now from the EU and its cohorts.
    17,410,742 people said LEAVE!

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    This is what the UK has been "negotiating" with, and you still expect and desire a palatable "deal" which will mollify both the leavers and remainers? The EU officials have approached the issue with arrogance, stonewalling and insulting behavior since day one. They simply had, and still have, no intention of being flexible to keep the fifth largest economy on the planet in the game. Somebody please place a copy of his public comment in the "This is why we want to leave" file.

    The EU must reform. It must become more flexible. It must recognize specific national problems which differ for the various members. It must curb the negative effects of global economics on national populations. May is offering crumbs to buy votes--pathetic crumbs. She is living in Never Never Land. Macron, despite facing actual revolt, is trying to hang tough. Poland and Hungary have gone off the road. Italy is seriously defiant after being forced to swallow a load of immigrants it surely did not and does not want. Malta is a basket case. Spain has been rocking back and forth. Greece has been wiped off the map. Millions are unemployed and underemployed. Housing costs are astronomical. Food prices continue to escalate. You recycle plastic while the billion or so Chinese fill the air with fossil fuel remains and farts. You are told that more and more austerity is necessary because the fifth largest economy in the world can't pay for services and benefits for its population. You elect officials who are the last people who would ever be expected to help you out of the jam you are in. Go figure....

    Nothing would cause the people of the UK to leave the EU? Nothing is wrong with the model? Nothing is being done? Is it stupidity or instead a feeling of helplessness in the face of global oligarchy? Or is it contempt? Perhaps a lot of factors, but boy if anything has demonstrated how bad things are, people and the media are not talking about the real bugs in the soup. Instead your leaders argue over votes and strategies, and your media covers that political bull. They are giving you smoke and mirrors, because they desperately do not want a hard Brexit. They are biting their nails because the people voted to divorce the EU.

    The EU, whether you like it or not must eventually stop all immigration except educated professionals and nursing home workers and the like. There will be waves of human movement from south to north all over the world because of climate change, injustice, poverty and over-population. The masses will come wave after wave, some small, some alarmingly large, and will overwhelm the services and resources of the developed nations. The developed nations will be the last ones whose civilizations will disintegrate so the emigrants will go to them. It is not about morality or kindness, it is existential--a struggle to survive among more than eight million humans on a planet made very small by advances in technology. When they started wearing tee shirts and sneakers in remote regions, you should have taken notice and begun worrying, (unless you have money riding on sneakers and tee shirts.)

    You know, voters don't vote for candidates, they vote against candidates. In other words they choose the less likely evil doer. Yet you are ruled by a party which has been controlled by the oligarchs for how many generations? Time to go to bed and read "A Prayer for Owen Meany" and stick my head in the sand.

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