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Thread: Donald Tusk today

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    I think you take a strong view of my view point. It was simply to point out that we do not elect our head of state, which no doubt some of these EU fanatics will soon point out. Extending my personal view of the Queen - like I say she seems to keep out of affairs of state and does appear to see herself as 'symbolic'. My fear is that Charles won't. I don't dislike him, but there are just one or two things about him which come out that make me think he is going to meddle more than our current monarch does. This is why I would prefer to select a head of state by vote rather than birth. I also think it is hypocritical that she claims to 'serve her people', yet with all the spare rooms in Buckingham Palace, I would not expect there to be homelessness such a short way from her door. But then, perhaps you don't see those on the nice tourist pictures do you...
    Our Monarch doesn't have a say in the running of the country.

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    The british do have a plan, they just pretend not to have one, or maybe they really have no plan because they were not expecting to win that referendum. In both cases the relations between EU and UK, doesn't matter if they are out or in, wont be so friendly anymore. Not much you, but your sons or the sons of your sons will pay for those votes, when their kids will see EU kids studying anywhere and working anywhere they want, and the british kid cannot eventually they will migrate in EU. Regards.

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    Prepare yourself jinset,there will be some lashing out now from the EU and its cohorts.
    17,410,742 people said LEAVE!

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