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Was Barry saying the tories were giving us enough police ? no he was saying the very opposite. But he was also saying, and I agree, that what we very much do NOT need are "joke" police officers, not old enough to legally enter betting shops and the bar areas of pubs should fights break out in them, being put on the streets, nor do we need vigilante mobs
John are you actually reading my post or what?

I am agreeing with barry , and saying so much for the tories being the party of law and order.

Barry , as an englishman , is saying the tories dont give you enough police, or policeing on the hop with plastic imitation police , yet the english are the ones who mainly vote for them with 296 of their 317 mps representing english constituencies.

You need to read what im saying john and the nuance of my post.

If the tories are that **** at brexit , **** at running the economy and **** at law and order im wondering why people in england vote them in , in such large numbers outwith the usual mantra of holding their nose to keep out labour.