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Thread: Should Food Banks go...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Jefe View Post
    But most customers of food banks are there because the State welfare system has failed in some way - so you either leave them to starve or allow charities step in where the State has failed.
    I was of the understanding you have to get a ticket from the DHSS ,NHS or other government officialdom before presenting yourself at a foodbank . The Charities , soup kitchens are a separate issue and Im not suggesting anyone starves Ö..Well apart from Lib Dems and fat cyclists in lycra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patman Post View Post
    Thereís been reports of nurses using Food Banks and politicians using them as illustrations. But weíre not told how many or in what way theyíve been failed by the system.
    My Mum works in the NHS and my Dad at Ford. They didnít have much money when they started out, but they still raised three kids and bought the their own house by working as many hours as they could in several jobs. Such self sufficiency seems to be beyond many now...
    Maybe,or maybe society has taken a change for the worse,on my council estate you borrowed a cup of sugar until payday.Or maybe bread and dripping ain't good enough for the coffee shop crew.
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    This was always going to be a "light blue touch paper and retire" thread, Sheepy.

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    There does seem to be a section of society that deem iPhones / flat screen TVís and SKY more important than feeding their family. I know itís not everyone but it is still a big chunk and they make everyone who uses FoodBanks look bad.

    I know the liberals amongst you will disagree but it is fact. Some on benefits make a conscious choice between food shopping or luxuries and a food bank.
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    We have become a very materialistic society. People seem to have wholly confused need with want. I see it in my children and constantly battle with them about it. (The one victory I have managed is over iPhones which are expensive and don't offer very much as well as laptops with Apple again being very expensive and not necessary). I think that there is undoubtedly a case that many have no idea how to spend their disposable income and instead spend it on the wrong things. Smoking for example puts a million or so into poverty. I could provide links, but many are from ASH so wonder the legitimacy.

    And its not just the poorest who do this. Many feel the need to put an expensive car on the never never, in some vain attempt to portray an image of themselves that is different from reality. I seem all around the country, modest houses with fancy brand new cars sat on the driveway. I was always brought up to live within my means, and I do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bright Young Thing View Post
    Not in all cases - there are those out there who have nothing, and sometimes through no circumstances of their own.

    When did food become a luxury?? (and I know you'll say you didn't mean it like that but that's how it reads)

    You trot out those iPhone/designer gear/big telly lines so often that they're obviously ingrained and you refuse to believe the cold hard truth.
    Not true. Go and have a look at these people. Most are the dregs of society. They nearly all smoke, drink special brew, and get themselves in dept over Christmas because the believe they should be able to buy their kids the same as anyone else. Before we had footbanks people didn't starve.
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