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That pretty much explains it all. If you don't understand this, go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, they have highly trained expert staff in this field.
I understand it , it is lazy employees on the council tax phone lines who say they will write down notes and things are ok , when they're not . I rung them and explained everything long before the summons and the person I spoke to said it was sorted and they would amend it . Then the next contact I receive is a summons . I am not paying the summons and do not care ! They can send the bailiffs as I own nothing what so ever apart from a single bed . It is a waste of my time and the courts time in a situation they will never benefit from . Intelligent people who work would of chased up the DWP and realize that the council tax benefit should of been paid .
When the Universal credit system came out , the intentions was to merge the departments but they left out council tax which is a big mistake that causes problems .

P.s Apparently they have also stopped my rent benefits although on my last appointment the advisor assured me it would be paid .