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Thread: Brexit: Conservative MPs' anger at Speaker John Bercow ruling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperduck Quack Quack View Post
    So a Conservative MP is angry about Brexit! Everybody is angry about Brexit, from xenophobic throwbacks on the far-right to 'snowflake remoaners' like myself. Time for a re-set.
    For once we are in agreement Quackers . Re-set to June 24th 2016 and get it right this time by revoking the 1972 communities act on day one whilst writing into UK law all EU law . We then revoke what laws we please as we please and the EU can do the same .

    So your the EU guy Quackers ,its 7.30am on the 24th June ,Day one

    ''Hello Quackers ,just to let you know that we have re established British territorial waters and expect all EU vessels to act accordingly . We will be handing out fishing permits (fee payable) next week after we are satisfied no boats are fishing illegally .Thank you in advance for your co-operation , speak soon , SW.

    (you now reply )

    Its an open conversation feel free to join in

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