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Thread: Brexit 50/50 if Mays deal rejected Fox

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    Brexit 50/50 if Mays deal rejected Fox

    The idea of a peoples vote is now talked about less so how would Brexit be stopped if its not put back to the vote...?
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    The peoples vote as you call it is talked about less because those who want to talk about it realise they are talking to themselves and there was already a peoples vote in 2016.

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    52% of the country don't want to stop Brexit, so all is OK, Pat.

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    I dare say that the Remainers will do their best to betray the UK to Brussels ( Christ, how low do you have to be to want the UK run by Europe rather than the British ?), but I reckon that we are headed for a no deal Brexit.

    And the results of a no deal Brexit will be as I have said before and thus apologise for repeating myself, a few minor economic hiccups that the media will blow up into some sort of hysterical fantasy and the promotion of the various low grade incompetents who have been doomsaying ever since Mrs May and the BBC gave them their scripts.

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    I generally think a gridlock on political agreement is generally a good thing. It's a bad thing when they do agree because the faster they do the more laws and restrictions on our freedom they can manage to implement.

    So if they fail to agree then chances are Article 50 will remove a whole load of chains and in the time it takes for them to agree to new ones we could see economic prosperity. The less interference with trade the more you take home in your pay packet. These politicians are about maximum interference in trade. HMRC recently change the rules on how they run the tax system so you are guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent. It's one of the first laws of its kind and on May's watch. More chains eh? I bet you'd rather them have been on full paid leave than to have concocted that one.
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    Theresa May has today said that if her deal is rejected, no Brexit is more likely than a no deal Brexit. While that could be 'scaremongering' to encourage MPs to vote for her deal, it could also serve as a green light for 'remain' MPs to vote against her deal.
    As I see it, any sort of Brexit is bad, so I hope the deal is voted down and we take a chance on 50:50, which is about the same as the statistic that got us in this mess in the first place (51.9:48.1)
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    I don't think that just because there is the threat of Brexit being killed, that MPs should vote for the poor deal on offer.
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