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I agree with some of that, however I disagree that anti Islamic activism would be a bad thing, and certainly a lot better than a country that has Shariah law. Although I realise it isn't going to happen, I would like to see the UK start to make measures that can slow the inevitable. The more liberal amongst us would find this an horrendous idea, but if you were to reverse the idea, I am sure Islamic countries would do the same. I would prevent people from Islamic countries coming to live in the UK, and put a stop to Muslims taking up political posts. These would be very gentle measures, and may help the situation
The historic mistakes by politicians ain't so easily put right in a few years,when they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over expecting a different outcome.
At the moment we have Savid Javid,who is obviously not some fool,he can be diplomatic about the latest cause,which tells me he knows full well the reasons why.