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Thread: Theresa May's husband Philip May.

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    As long as he ensures TM gets the housekeeping completed, I can't see an issue !

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    Quote Originally Posted by BumblinB View Post
    So youre suggesting that Theresa Mays husband as a conduit for his employers is dictating british negotiations with europe through some back handed deal and none of the hundreds of other policians, thousands of journalists and thousands of civil servants have cottoned on to the idea or are complicit???!! Looney Tunes
    I donít think that was what was being suggested.

    I believe the suggestion was that Philip might have the PMís ear as he clearly doesnít want Brexit therefore neither does she.

    For example the fact that none of the Brexit Ministers have been allowed to agree anything and all of a sudden she is the one flying back and forth doing the job of the now Brexit Minister, just in case a deal accidentaly got agreed.
    I can explain it to you, but I canít understand it for you.

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