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Thread: A song I feel people should hear...

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    A song I feel people should hear...

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    Hi Ottercar welcome to the forum, the mod team are Bright Young Thing,Cromwell and DeppityDawg.Your first few posts may need approving,have a look around at all the sections and a squint at the rules is helpful. Feel free to join in, the introduce yourself thread can break the ice. Most importantly enjoy the debate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ottercar View Post
    I'm going to love you. Well, it's not much of a dance track really, but the words are quite amusing. I don't really consider myself right wing, but I think a common sense focus should be used when looking at politics. We don't have space for any more foreigners, and we certainly don't want any more damage done to our culture. I think the LBGT community are all a little bit loopy, but what two people do in their own home is their business. Brexit is the best thing to have happened to the country for decades, and we should all be looking forward to getting back some control. I believe the death penalty should be brought back, corporal punishment is essential, and gay people adopting children sickens me to the core. What I really can't stand is students and snowflakes. What I really hate is student snowflakes.

    Welcome to the forum.
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