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Thread: May be the Armenians need to look and choose a real man of the people this time?

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    May be the Armenians need to look and choose a real man of the people this time?

    September, 14, the Armenian PM has arrived to France on a working visit to meet President Emmanuel Macron. Their meeting had been scheduled yet in Brussels. Lately, we have seen France eagerly support the new Armenian leader. Mr. Macron is supposed to come to Yerevan with a state visit. France has already invested into a number of different projects in Armenia.

    But what is the situation we are witnessing today? The Armenia, praised by the EU leaders as an example of transfer of power to the people, is now rocked by a major political issue, already named a “newest Watergate”. PACE has been dwelling on the situation but the summit chose not to raise the question. Everything that the new Armenian leadership was declaring to wipe out is back now, even on a larger scale. A crack-down on the freedom of speech, an unprecedented outbreak of hatred and violence, made-up criminal proceedings against the former state officials, harassment of their family members, enormous pressure on the legislature and judiciary are flooding over the country. This is clear from a leaked “work talk” of two Heads of the key Armenian State Special Services, appointed lately by Mr Pashinyan. A “Model of Democracy”, so praised by the EU leaders, has started along with his party colleagues an obvious political arbitrariness hiding behind the trust of his people. Those people who supported him during the protest rallies. At such a background the Armenian FM’s scheduled statement to the Human Rights Council in Geneva looks even more ironic. Such political barbarity shows how the current Armenian leadership is still immature, a little too soon considering themselves “European” and hurrying to proclaim a visa-free regime.

    The country is still preparing for the parliamentary elections now. The Republic of Armenia is claiming to accept the best from the European electoral traditions. But what can be expected from the schemers in power? The authority of Mr Pashinyan is still based on populism, without even minor achievements attained. In order to gain the support from the Parliament he will inevitably engage in specific manipulations making his power illegitimate. Acting this way Mr Pashinyan can tarnish the political image of the European leadership who express support for a peaceful and civilized takeover by the Opposition. The current PM is now cloning the methods of his predecessor. May be the Armenians need to look and choose a real man of the people this time?

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    The new parliamentary democracy,it's not the will of the people that counts but the will of 650......will come back to haunt them.

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