There has been much debate as to whether Muhammed consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was only 9 years old by scholars of Islam too. Many of the texts say this was the case but there is always doubt in the veracity of old texts, especially when most, if not all, were written many decades and even centuries after the events. But this isn't really the point. By today's standards many of our past British Royal families, as well as large numbers of our population, could be cast in a similar light even though a 9 year old subject is an extreme case. BTW in most parts of the world, in past times, it was not the age of the girl that was considered as the guide to whether she should have sex, but whether she had started menstruating. The age of consent still varies a lot - between 11 and 21. Surprisingly it is still only 13 in Japan for example. It was only defined in statute in England in 1275 when it was set at 12 years old. France only raised its laws on consent recently to 15 following two cases of sex with 11 year olds.

But then the issue is really not about any debate about the texts, but about finding something that is deliberately insulting to those who believe in Islam.