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Thread: The Italians next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnofgwent View Post
    Well, the thing is...

    I remember our honeymoon on the adriatic riviera in 1981 for all sorts of reasons, but also for the fact that everywhere I went, the shops offered me two or three times the "exchange" rate for whatever i bought if i paid in english pound notes or write a cheque out in sterling. This was of course completely illegal, for while britain had only just ditched the exchange control regulations the callaghan government brought in (having been told to by the IMF i think, but they would have anyway) the italians certainly had not, but the mafia offered better terms for converting lira to pounds than the banks did, and my cheques were mysteriously cashed in dover within days of my signing them in rimini, florence and san marino...

    the italian economy at that time was a basket case and I, a starving research student, entered the country a lira millionaire ...

    and the joke of the year involved complaints that the swiss were being forced to dissolve their post of minister for the navy as being pointless when the italians had a minister of finance.

    don't get me wrong, i wish you the very best in delivering those scum in brussels a bloody nose, but i fear you cannot actually afford it.
    If we sink, they sink. This is what is keeping us afloat. The EU cannot, and will not, because it does not want to make Italy sink into sactions and punishments. We are 60.000.000 people, we aren't Greece, or Ireland. Our economy is the 7th largest of the Solar System, the 3rd in the Eurozone. Killing Italy would result in a collapse of the European Union's economy - including the economy of the UK, which is not a direct competitor to Italian economy, but both are inevitably linked by the stock markets and trade.

    Brexit, in comparison, would look like Disneyland. Nobody wants that. What the European Union is mad about, is that Italy FOR ONCE IN ITS HISTORY, is REFUSING to obey the two most dangerous and barbarian peoples of Europe, namely the French and the Germans, whose goal is to dominate Europe in one way or another. Where Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler and the Archduke of Austria have failed - Merkel and Macron have succeeded.

    But we know what happens when we side with the French and the Germans, we've done that many times in the past.. and even when we technically scored a victory, we realized the losses were not worth the effort - the Italian one.

    So while i do agree that the situation is critical, and i cannot tell you what the future will be (neither can Salvini, Di Maio, Conte or anyone else in our government) what i can tell you for sure is: I know what the alternative looks like.. and i don't like it.

    So, if we have to go to war, this time we'll go to war for Italy, and not for France or Germany.

    This is the position of our government, to quote the words of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini (always be praised): the days of Italian submission and obedience are over and we will not give up by a millimiter.

    «The Muslims refuse our culture and try to impose their culture on us. I reject them, and this is not only my duty toward my culture - it is toward my values, my principles, my civilization.» - Oriana Fallaci

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