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Thread: Book about extremism

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    Book about extremism

    Can anyone recommend a book about extremism? Maybe about how young people can be converted? There doesn't seem to be much literature about this.
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    You want a book on psychology. Perhaps though you are searching on the wrong word, because extremism is a Newspeak/American word.

    So you want to know how people can be converted. Well the best sources I have found are tied to a practice known as "exit counselling" and that could also be an American term, since they are by their nature more "extreme". English are known for their moderation.

    Exit counsellor types, i.e. those whose profession it is to get people out of cults, will explain all the tricks. I could run through them if you are interested, but it depends on the level of detail. I found some good websites with excellent information on them, but it was a few years back.
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