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Thread: Government using MITIE to dispose of clinal waste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lankou View Post
    Wiil the Tory goverment NEVER learn? To give MITIE the task of disposing clinical waste with MITIE's appalling track record of incompetence and worse frankly beggars belief.

    More at link:-

    1 hour ago
    A firm has been stripped of NHS contracts after hundreds of tonnes of clinical waste from hospitals was allowed to pile up at its sites.
    Health Minister Stephen Barclay said new arrangements have been made with Mitie to replace the service by Healthcare Environmental Services.
    I think that the real problem here is the privatisation of clinical waste disposal, when we all know that the government is well equipped to handle it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Sinic View Post
    As someone who believes in welcoming private sector participation in the NHS, subject to competitive costs, professionally negotiated contracts and the rigorous enforcement of those contracts, the comfort I gain from this situation is the Government recognised a major breach of the terms of the contract and terminated it.
    And given the contract to MITIE despite their appalling track record.

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