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Thread: Good eggs

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    Good eggs

    Police are being warned not to say "good egg" out of fear it could be seen as being racist

    My word, what a country this is turning out to be.

    Good egg > egg & spoon > c**n.

    Really - is that where we are? I realise that the police, and I suspect that this is more to do with the Met, are frightened of their own shadows (ooops, can I write that without being accused of racism??) when it comes to accusations of racism since Stephen Lawrence. But becoming such snow flakes (are we allowed to write that as snow flakes are white?) surely takes away even more respect for them
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    So how many of the population can be mistaken for chickens? On second thoughts I guess eggs come in all colours and perhaps the cops are afraid that with their heavy boots they might break a few.
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