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Thread: Chemnitz Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by lankou View Post
    I would have liked to have been at the concert protesting about the neo Nazis. Die Toten Hosen, (The Dead Trousers,) played at it.

    Im sure it was a great concert but they have missed the chance to back those protesting against the murder of a German citizen and its connection to uncontrolled immigration in favour of protesting against a minority group in the demonstration

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    While the mass medias are creeping up on the people of Chemnitz and immediatly label them as nazists, nobody - AS USUAL - is trying to address the issue. Allowing 1 million illegals into Germany, and therefor into Europe, was Merkel's biggest mistake. For years, in this forum and elsewhere in the internet, i warned the so-called liberal left that pushing with the pro-immigration stance was a trigger for social unrest and even ethnic tensions, as is the case of Germany. The German people have been simply pushed to the extreme, and they are reacting in self defense. The police is not defending them. The State is not defending them. The Federal Government is not defending them. Everyone is bashing them and REFUSING to listen to their fears, their concern, the reasons behind their protest. Meanwhile, their wives and daughters are being raped and molested by gangs of africans and muslims while the police watches in silence, in fear of being labeled "racist and fascist" too.

    When the State turns its back on the people, the people have the right to tear it down, even with an armed revolt. This is a common occurence in history, it is in the nature of the masses.

    How did we come to this? Simple: the liberal left, the traitors of the working classes, IMPOSED mass immigration. When you impose something on an entire people, without asking their opinion, you have two outcomes: they will either accept it, or refuse it. They have refused to accept mass immigration. What are they gonna do about it? Arrest them all? Shoot them all? Suppress them? They cannot defeat the dissent, so they use water cannons and riot batons. But none of this will work.

    What choice do they have? Submit to those savages who stab, ****, kill and molest women.. or STRIKE BACK and resist. I express total solidarity with the protesters in Chemnitz, because it is a beacon of hope for Germany and Europe. It is the proof that some people are not giving up and refusing to submit to the globalist agenda which seeks to destroy Nation States and with them, their national identities. The left is thankfully dying, replaced by nationalist and sovereignist movements which really stand by the side of the workers and the people. Now my country, Italy, is free from the yoke of the leftist traitors who sold our rights and our future to the financial elites and the globalist hyenas. It's time for the rest of Europe to wake up and kick the traitors out as soon as possible.
    «The Muslims refuse our culture and try to impose their culture on us. I reject them, and this is not only my duty toward my culture - it is toward my values, my principles, my civilization.» - Oriana Fallaci

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    More on this town:,...345386,00.html
    Very unpleasant to say the least. Nothing to do with Benacus's post about savagery which I assume he does not attribute to Jews running a restaurant.

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