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Thread: Boris for PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperduck Quack Quack View Post
    You're not doing a very good sales job on him. Makes me think of black and white photography and potatoes being boiled in large aluminium saucepans.
    Ummm, yes with loads of butter. Seriously though, modern politics and it's leaning towards globalisation has got the country in the mess it is now. We don't need a step forward into the future, we actually need to look back at what made us great. Liberalism and being to tolerant has destroyed our culture !!

    Moggy is a no nonsense common sense politician who has no interest in political correctness, and isn't afraid of upsetting the odd snowflake.
    Keep Britain British, whoops, it's too late

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Yes, he's definitely a contender, but he says he doesn't want the job and he's a bit too religious and illiberal for many in the party. He is far more careful with his words than Boris.
    I wonder if JRM will stand when T.May steps down, despite his protests that he has no ambition to be PM.
    you will of course recall that it fell to Tarzan Hesseltine to topple Maggie and then a chorus of disapproval and a "stop hezza at all costs" swell grew to flush the man who repeated refused the job, John major, into the job. and he won the 92 election. god knows how, but he did
    "The Inland Revenue is not slow, and quite rightly, to take every advantage which is open to it under the Taxing Statutes for the purposes of depleting the taxpayer's pocket. And the taxpayer is in like manner entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Inland Revenue"

    Lord Clyde: "Ayrshire Pullman Motor Services V Inland Revenue, 1929"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sampan View Post
    My preference would be for Mr Rees Moog, who I think would excel in the office.
    JRM gets my vote also, would love to see him up against Corbyn across the despatch box.

    To be fair to Boris, I also think he would rip Corbyn apart.

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