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Thread: Can we force Soros to butt out

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    It's going to be very hard to prevent foreign interference in political campaigns. The leave campaign is an excellent example of how hard it is to prevent and more importantly how hard it is to detect after the event.

    First there is the question of "what is a political campaign?" - fox hunting? anti war? Free Tomy Robinson? Ban plastics?

    Then there is what is foreign money? Murdoch's media empire? Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? Greenpeace? Save the Children? Red cross?

    How will we ever prevent online targeting from outside the UK?

    The advertising world have known this for a long time with viral marketing. Not allowed tobacco advertising in the UK? Mail some funny videos in English for UK brands to Brits living outside the UK and wait for them to mail them to their friends back in the UK.

    The best we can hope for is transparency. If BfB is funded by Soros then it should be clear that he is and how much he is paying. This does appear to be the case. People can them make up their mind over the motivations behind and quality of the information and messaging.

    Indo agree that democracy and the laws and practices safeguarding it need to be updated for the modern world.

    For the UK I think, regardless of the Brexit outcome, we need to have a long hard think about sorting out a proper centrally documented constitution fit for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnofgwent View Post
    Jaguar Land Rover, who currently buy parts from the company that pays me a salary to keep the computerised parts production lines running, have today had quite enough of a say.... They are shipping out production to Slovakia. good luck with that I say.... from what my former colleagues now in the motor business out there tell me ... they'l need it
    I suggest that Tata-owned JLR's views — as the UK's largest car manufacturer — are important and should be heard. Suggesting they should not be considered because wedges of investment funding come from overseas would seem perverse.

    JLR is moving some production to Slovakia — only production of the lower tech Discovery is being relocated, with development and manufacture of more advanced vehicles being enhanced in the UK.

    Slovakia has a high reputation for motor vehicle manufacture, with VW, Peugeot Citroen, and Kia producing more than 1 million vehicles a year between them — not bad for a country of 5 million people...
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