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Thread: No entry for migrants .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepy View Post
    Well Merkel the leader of Europe is furious.
    Not half as furious as the German people are with her .Her days are numbered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Streetwalker View Post
    Not half as furious as the German people are with her .Her days are numbered.
    Well credit where it is due,she scraped home on a wing and a prayer,took months managing to form a government and still spouts the same nonsense.
    17,410,742 people said LEAVE!

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    And here is a taste of what Italy said no to:
    Four Algerians who "went to Libya to save up €1000 each in fares". They are not at risk in their own country - Algeria - so won't be eligible for asylum. They are just trying it on.
    Hard to know too much about the others being trafficked.

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