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Italy's financial condition suggests Italy has no hope to leave the EU or the Eurozone, or both.

At the same time, the Germans are smart enough to realize that if they take us down, we will grab them by the trousers and take them down with us.. because bailing Italy out would be impossible, given the size of its economy and public debt. Greece was a whole different story - they can't send the Troika to Rome, because if we see them around we'll cut them into pieces and feed them to the lions in the arena.

Muscles, yes, but nerves too. It will not be easy and hey, nobody said it would be easy.. the war has begun, and there will be casualties. Will the Germans give it another try? It didn't work too well for Germany, each time it has attempted to exercise its hegemony over the continent. They relied on Italy as a submissive ally, ready to implement all EU policies which were strictly pro-german and anti-italian. But the tide has changed.
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