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Thread: Report wants young helped and pensioners to pay more

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    And so student debt really isn't debt at all is it? I know who I believe here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevlin View Post
    The slightly older entry into work is a red herring Pat....the full NI years of contributing to a full state pension is now only 30 years!! - and presumably, the late entry into the 'earning a living phase' is the result of obtaining good educational qualifications. which for most, should eventually lead to the earning of 'good' salaries.
    The age longevity should be welcomed - and yes, it may well become more difficult to fund, so will lead to NI /tax increases etc....but hey, we can't be too badly off can we? After all, we can borrow many £billions to pay out to help China, and India etc.....mmmm - I wonder if we should steer some of that overseas aid towards the NHS - or Pensioner support - and tell India to fund their own space research?????
    The number of years to qualify for full state pension has no direct effect on the people paying contributions as all people in work are required to pay it up to retirement age. And new and improved educational qualifications are not providing so many of the the increased salaries that would provide a significant jump in NI contributions. The inescapable fact is that the elderly are an increasing proportion of the population and require increasing state funding as they get older. The £350 million extra promised by Brexit (that most of them supported) will provide very little of the extra required in the coming years. It’s simple bookkeeping — the extra needs to come from somewhere, and thus the well-off elderly will need to cough up too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patman Post View Post
    A £10,000 payment should be given to the young and pensioners taxed more, a new report into inter-generational fairness in the UK suggests.

    It seems those who look at who gets what in society have suddenly realised that the baby boomer generation have been having it too good for too long. In addition to reducing the number and scope of free bus passes, the thinking is pensioners should also be paying National Insurance on earnings (investment income, rental income, etc?)...
    They'll squander it.
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