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Thread: Syrian Proxy War - situation thread

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    The attention is now switching to the rebel held areas of Daraa, along the Jordanian border and the occupied Golan Heights.
    The Syrian Army is nearly finished building up its forces, including elite assault units for the forthcoming offensive, which may be the last major offensive of the war.
    The enemy are a patchwork of groups, ranging from local militias through the Jihad groups and with a small territory near the Golan occupied by ISIS.
    The Russian Center for Reconciliation has been very busy over the last few months and many of the local groups seem likely to reconcile.
    Other more militant groups will no doubt fight to the very end.

    Noteworthy in the build up, is the undertaken from Damascus, that after this offensive, that many of the Syrian pro Govt militias, that are not the army will be incorporated into the army or disbanded. Also noteworthy is the widespread report that Russia has negotiated with Israel to ensure that no Iranian or other none Syrian forces are involved in the offensive. This has left these forces to move to the East of the Country to take on ISIS groups hidden in the deserts of West Deir Ezzor province.

    Needless to say, a lot of stories emerge, circulate and disappear and many are deliberate misinformation stories usually to muddy the waters about major deployments or surprise offensives around the country. Some stories do stand out and this one is no exception

    It follows on a lot of stories/accounts of increasing levels of strife between Syrian Arabs and Kurdish forces that now occupy formally ISIS controlled territories East of the Euphrates. If this story is true, a major insurgency against pro US forces could be about to kick off.

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    With the end of Ramadan, military operations have resumed with a vengance

    There was not much let up in the Deserts of West Deir Ezzor, where Syrian security forces have been conducting sweeps looking for ISIS sleeper cells, arms dumps and other facilities. The SAA have announced today that they have swept an area of about 6000sqkm and have eradicated or pushed away ISIS from the Iraqi Border and the West bank towns of the Euphrates in Deir Ezzor province.
    The sweeps are expected to continue for an indefinite period.
    There is a persistent accusation that many ISIS fighters have been allowed to cross the border into Jordan and slip back into Syria within the boundaries of the US controlled Al-Tanf De-escalation Zone and then slip back the same way into Deir Ezzor, once Government forces have moved away again.

    The biggest offensive though is the new campaign in Daraa province, against rebel held areas that run along along the Jordanian border and Israeli occupied Golan Heights.
    This area falls into two distinct territories. A Westmost strip that runs North/South along the Golan borders and an Eastern Strip that runs East/West along the Jordanian border with a long narrow extrusion the runs North. Between them is a Government etrusion that heads South and which ends at the split city of Dara, which is virtually on the border and which acts as a pivot for both rebel regions.

    In the last couple of days, the SAA have recaptured the Eastern protusion and look also to retake all of Dara City and secure the border and therefore split the rebel held area in half.

    It seems likely that the Strategy is to retake the full Eastern area first and secure the Jordanian border, which would leave Syrian forces able to approach the Western area adjacent to Israeli forces without having to worry about an enemy action to their rear.

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