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Despite being a committed 'Leaver' I have never and, I hope, never will have to vote UKIP. This is not because I am not totally in favour of the UK's right to control immigration and to take robust measures to expel illegal immigrants, because I am, but because on most issues the Tories reflect my political ideology adequately well. Unfortunately UKIP, like Labour. seem uncommitted and ineffectual in rooting out racism, while the Tories seem incapable of implementing effective immigration controls following Labour's open door immigration policy.

Certainly Nigel Farage was an outstanding leader for UKIP and without a doubt was largely responsible for forcing the Conservative government to bring democracy to the people on the issue of Brexit. That this wasn't recognised with some sort of honour and a seat on the Brexit negotiating team, while mediocre sycophants are honoured with 'two a penny' peerages reinforces my view that our honours system is extensively corrupt.
Well I don't share your conviction that UKIP is an overly racist Party. Responsible control of immigration per se has no 'racist' connotations, and as far as I am aware, UKIP has never attempted to 'influence' non-EU immigration which clearly has no 'racist' element wrt visa allocation.
I certainly voted for UKIP, which was usually a wasted vote, but of course, only in terms of that particular seat. On the whole, the growing support for UKIP was undoubtedly key in obtaining the referendum on opting to leave or remain in the EU.
Unfortunately, 'racism' still persists in society - but racist individuals can be found in all Parties/supporters.
Incidentally, since the Brexit referendum, I haven't voted for UKIP, because I consider that Party to be a one trick pony - and in theory, they have served their purpose......but I have still 'wasted' my vote!!
I wholeheartedly agree with your comments on mediocre sycophants and a corrupt honours system. It does appear at times to suggest that anybody with sufficient money could buy a peerage....but of course, there is no direct evidence to support that view.