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Thread: Will Presbyterians be labelled Islamophobic?

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    Will Presbyterians be labelled Islamophobic?

    First mosque to open in Outer Hebrides.
    The Presbyterian Free Church - the local arm of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), had called on its followers to pray about the "most unwelcome development".
    In a press release, the church stated: "Our main concern is with the religion of Islam itself. If a mosque ever opens, Islam will be able to promote itself in our midst through public worship, despite its beliefs and practices being alien to the religious convictions of the vast majority of our community.
    "Islam is wholly inconsistent with the teaching of the Word of God in Holy Scripture, which is the only rule to direct us. It is opposed to the Christian religion as confessed by the Church historically since apostolic times, and as established by law in our land since the Reformation."
    How could Scotland be so unwelcoming to other religions?
    How many times have we been told that Scotland is anti-racist, totally equitable and all cultures and immigration is welcome?

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    most of the problem comes from the collectivist psychosis that anything is perfectly defined. it axiomatically leads to the collectivist psychosis that any one thing is the total goal of achieving anything. i look at it like i look at growing pot. you cant add any special chemical to create the super environment to grow the best weed. any one thing helps to deplete any several other things you needed. you need a good mixture of things. the biggest problem with the inclusion of islam is that it excludes everything else. it's like "the wrong way" extract. could be good for something tho. dunno what.

    "pedantic sanctimony will kill you all, it is written." - Saydan

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