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Thread: The BBC & Alex Salmond

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    The BBC & Alex Salmond

    John Sweeney of the BBC went totally over the top with a personal attack on Alex Salmond There is a link to the offending interview

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    Well from listening to that Alex Salmond dealt with the Sweeney chap without too much trouble . The BBC have IMHO followed their own agenda for many years seen here with Sweeny knowing he was to be interviewed about Corbyn went straight on the offensive with his own attack on Salmonds programme on RT .

    For me they both have a case to answer but that aside its 1-0 to Salmond and the Sweeney guy needs to go and have a lie down somewhere dark .

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    Since I don't listen to BBC Scotland I have no idea whether they are biased against the Snp and independence or not,on the basis of what supporters of the latter two say I guess there is no going back and they'll never accept the Beeb as fair and balanced.

    Why though some people across the UK find RT a more reliable and honest news source is beyond me.
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