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Thread: Circumcision in Iceland

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    Circumcision in Iceland

    My dear wife was asked "what's circumcision?" whilst teaching a Sunday school class recently.

    I see that the subject is now under discussion in Iceland of all places, where a law is being drafted to outlaw the procedure for non medical reasons.
    The argument is that the operation is an infringement of the boy's rights.

    For Jews, it is normal to perform the operation at age 8 days of age, in Islam before puberty.
    One rabbi said that Iceland's law would give a message that they do not want an organised Jewish community in Iceland, as it has been part of Jewish culture for 3,500 years. I think that view is overstating the case.

    An imam in Leeds commented:
    Its unfortunate that these campaigns resurface, because weve gone over this so many times and it goes against one of our fundamental principles, which is religious freedom.

    So it is a case of the boy's rights currently being trumped by religious freedom, until the law is changed.
    There is a lobby trying to bring in a similar law in the UK, so could soon be under scrutiny here, too.
    Maybe these operations will have to be carried out in secret or in another country?

    Which rights should take precedence?

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    It should always be an individual's,when I was born (a long time ago) some medic persuaded my mother that circumcision was the way forward (I am neither Jewish nor Muslim) my old dad wasn't even consulted so it and I was done,bloody cheek.
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    I was done when young because of medical reasons. It is fundamentally wrong that men should be circumcised unless there is good reason, and religion isn't one of them. What's worse is babies being done without anaesthetic. It's considered OK because they don't have the power of speech, a bit like abusing an animal because they can't talk either. I sometimes wonder if we actually live in a civilised society. Obviously not
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