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Thread: Trump starting WW3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Sinic View Post
    Yes, it is alarming to say the least. Russia:Ukraine:Nato/N.Korea:S.Korea:USA:China/Syria:Iraq:Libya:USA:UK:Russia:Iran and continued rumblings in Afghanistan let alone all the smaller areas of strife and discord in the world including Spain:Catalonia and Burma.

    Absolutely. Plus of course, just as we had the railway timetables, cast in stone the road to WW1, we now have the imperative need of pre-emption and 1st strike, even in conventional combat, that could easily tip a flashpoint, even if all other indicators made the flip from sabre rattling to shooting, seem unlikely.

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    I think there's an increasing risk of a major international conflict being started by accident or by hijacking a nuclear base or hacking a control system. The nuclear arsenals of various countries are getting older and in the countries of the former Soviet Union (particularly) there must be a lot of leaked technical knowledge among people with no allegiance to Russia. We are told of all the safeguards that prevent an accidental nuclear missile launch, but it only takes one malfunction, misread false alarm or malevolent act to get through the safeguards or by-pass them to trigger a holocaust in a time when there's increased tension anyway.
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