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Thread: Parsons Green: Underground blast a terror incident, say police

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    You are truly the most pathetic creature I have ever had the misfortune to debate with, even on an Internet that is full to bursting with clowns of every variety.

    I didn't attempt to paint myself as a victim, that was just you twisting my words as usual. As for the accusation that I'm continually using links, you are talking bollocks as per usual. Anyone can look through my posts if they wish to find proof.

    If indeed you are white straight and male, then you are almost certainly a self loather. It's ok, the world is full of them.

    I know that was why you mentioned the old cow, you got the reaction you wanted. Well done, I couldn't give a toss though.

    Yes I would gladly slam the door shut on any refugee. We have taken enough of other nations rubbish already, we don't need anymore.

    I don't need to keep doing this, and when your meanderings stop being of amusement, I will stop bothering. But for now just you carry on, your a fecking clown.

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    This topic seems to have run its course. Closed.

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