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Thread: Extra cash in school funding shake-up

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    Extra cash in school funding shake-up

    The BBC reports Schools are being promised an extra 1.3bn - but Labour says there is 'not a penny of new money'


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    At least it's not doing the Gordon Brown trick of lumping previously announced funding into new initiatives and then claiming it's all new expenditure. Nevertheless, I was not in school here for most of my education, but from what I saw there did seem to be more money spent here on things that weren't crucially necessary. For example, when did teachers begin to need classroom assistants, and when did classes with over 30 pupils start getting judged as large? Don't get me wrong, I think good school education is essential, but shouldn't it's primary objective be the three R's on which all other education (and live skills) depend...?
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    In the private sector I limit my classes to about 15.
    That is my preferred size.

    Add more and the amount that I can cover in a lesson is much reduced. The depth I can cover a subject in, reduced. The amount of time I can spend ensuring every student is up to speed, reduced.
    Not much really gets done, in classes of 30, comparison.

    Drop below 10 and the amount of lesson planning I have to do for each class is too high. I don't like it.
    The amount of time each point takes to teach.. is too short and I run out of prepared material.

    A class of 30 is a doss to prepare lessons for. I need about 1/4 of what I would bring for a class of 15.

    Classroom assistants, are very useful to me in classes of 30 people. An extra pair of eyes, and a specialist for all the special needs students. Also, I've done it myself and I consider it to be good training.

    Crowd control, keeping 30 kids off the streets while their parents are at work? That is not the part of the job I take any pride in.
    Actual teaching is. The passing on of skills disciplines and information.

    State sector is awash with money. Not worried about that budget at all.

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