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Thread: Worlds first "non binary" baby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fubar View Post
    we have Laws for crime don't we,then I'd say he/she deserve it...
    if he/she commits a crime then they deserves to be "discriminate against"as in LAW..color has NOTHING TO DO WITH iT..
    If people commit crimes, then it is fair to discriminate against them on that basis, obviously. See also - discriminating in favour of candidates who have better qualifications for the job than other candidates.

    I think you know exactly what was meant by 'discrimination', but let's rewind:

    Do you believe it is fair to discriminate against people solely on the basis of, for example, their colour? As a general rule, please don't go cherry-picking any exceptions. Well?

    And please don't play semantic games - make it clear what you mean from the off in your posts. OK? Thanks.
    It’s amazing how common this narcissism is: I disagree with person A, and I also disagree with person B, therefore A and B are identical - Daniel Hannan

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    In your view, then, LGBTQ people are committing a crime?

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