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Thread: Finsbury Park: Number of casualties as van hits worshippers outside mosque in north London

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patman Post View Post
    Quite a number of the Tunbridge Wells-type Col Blimp and blue rinse sets thought Ukip provided a respectable home for their BNP sympathies. Although a number of professing Ukip supporters will probably now charge in saying that Ukip bans BNP members, we should be aware that it is the only UK movement that's felt pressure to...
    Whilst other parties say nowt, it's all in their past and not a problem.
    When the eagles are silent the parrots begin to jabber.

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    We should be aware that Labour is the only UK party that felt pressured to launch an inquiry into anti-Semitism.

    This means that all Labour supporters are anti-Semitic. Other statements on this forum provide the only logic needed for this statement.

    Its as simple as that, to borrow a phrase.

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    This attack is the result of years of refusal to aknowledge an issue, years of attempts to shut down those who refuse to accept islam and warned us about the threat posed by muslims who - statistically - are more likely to commit a terrorist attack than anyone else.

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