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Thread: PC through the eyes of an American

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWNUK View Post
    No I don't!

    If it is to be treated as normal, then they should just bloody well get on with it, like the rest of us.

    I do believe in equality, but once that has been achieved, that should be it.

    Otherwise it is not equality, it is a campaign to get better rights for so called "minorities" than us ordinary folk are afforded.
    Neither do I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patman Post View Post
    It doesn't take much intelligence and/or perception to use acceptable words in context, or take notice of changing use. Nor does it take much intelligence and/or perception to intentionally choose words to offend. We can all make occasional mistakes as we go about our lives, but I've never found the meaning of an argument or debate hindered by the use of non-offending words...
    It takes a bit more intelligence to realise those who control language control the people who use it. So it boils down to being too stupid to realise you are being controlled in ways against your own interests.
    The writers against religion, whilst they oppose every system, are wisely careful never to set up any of their own - Edmund Burke

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    Yes, the key to that one is "why does anyone get to decide what words are acceptable?"
    It's not words that matter. It's their meaning.

    If I can't say **** I say puss. Means the same thing. Why are you dicking around telling people what words they can and cannot say?
    Jog on.

    All it is, is lamp post pissing. Asserting authority over others, for no other reason than to let them know you are in control. That mummy knows best.
    It is socialisation. Getting you to be accepting of orders and of common standards.

    Actually, this is a valuable life skill IMO. Worth teaching in it's own right.

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