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Thread: Lord Blunkett: "With this leader we will be annihilated in a general election"

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    Lord Blunkett: "With this leader we will be annihilated in a general election"

    Former Labour Home Secretary Lord Blunkett says the Labour Party "will be annihilated" at a general election, if Jeremy Corbyn is still leader.. To read further click More...

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    Blunkett is stating the bloody obvious.

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    Hi, SW!

    Hadn't touched a club in twelve years until today. Son dragged me out onto a 6,100 par 69.

    Went round in 74 with 36 puts.

    Grew to 6'8" - almost as tall as my son, who went round in a misarable 80. \\\\\\\\ Scratch golfer my arse - he should stick to rguby

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    Strange then that Blunkett clearly worshipped the ground the last leader to take the party to oblivion walked on.

    Former Cabinet minister David Blunkett said: 'In the 47 years that I have been a member of the Labour Party, I have rarely come across anyone as gracious, thoughtful and intellectually sharp as Michael Foot. 'It was a privilege to have known him and to have learned from him - not simply as a politician, but as that rare breed: an intellectual and a thinker. Everybody recognises that he was the greatest parliamentarian of his generation.'

    Or do Labour politicians only say nice things about their competitors when they're safely in the coffin and the lid nailed shut

    (When it's Mandelson's turn to be the one in the box I'd have a mallet and a bit of sharpened 3x2 handy just in case he really has swung that deal)

    "The Inland Revenue is not slow, and quite rightly, to take every advantage which is open to it under the Taxing Statutes for the purposes of depleting the taxpayer's pocket. And the taxpayer is in like manner entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Inland Revenue"

    Lord Clyde: "Ayrshire Pullman Motor Services V Inland Revenue, 1929"

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